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Clinics, Master Classes, and Residencies

Allyn Robinson is available for large clinics, small master classes, and extended residencies. Please write to for more information about booking Allyn.

About Allyn's Approach

Today's drummers need to be versatile. They need a toolbox filled with skills and styles to help get the gig...and keep it.

Thanks to YouTube, young drummers can experience different artists with just the click of a mouse. In just minutes, a vast array of music is at their fingertips.

This kind of "soundbyte learning" has its advantages. One can easily study the masters, whose videos were once hard to find. They can also find materials relating to particular "indigenous" instruments and an array of styles.

The problem is this: "soundbytes" need perspective, and live teachers are the ones who provide it. A proper foundation built on the history and relevance of each style allows drummers to Transcend The Mechanics To The Feel.

Allyn Robinson has been recording and performing with major recording artists for more than 40 years. He's an encyclopedia of grooves and a master of the New Orleans Sound. He is a historian, an advocate, a storyteller and a charismatic educator.

In his classes, Allyn takes students on a musical journey; giving them the history of each style, the tools for playing each style correctly and the insight to develop the proper feel.

Students walk away from Allyn's sessions with the following critical information:
  • History Of The New Orleans Sound.

  • Working Knowledge Of Classic New Orleans Grooves, including Traditional Jazz, Mambo, Rhumba, 2nd line, Funk, Cajun and Zydeco.

  • Evolution of New Orleans Drumming in Relation to Contemporary Music, from Jump Blues to Swing, R&B, Funk and Rock N Roll.

  • Interpretation of Song Forms and Function, including 12-bar blues, 32-bar AABA, AAA and a variety of Verse/Chorus arrangements.

  • Insight Into The Nuance of New Orleans Drumming, From The Bayou to The Quarter

  • Classic Anecdotes On Legendary New Orleans Artists.

  • Career Perspectives From a 40-year Veteran; from International Touring to Bourbon Street, from Drumline to Drumset, and from Road Work to Family Balance, Allyn Brings an Enduring Passion for Rhythm and A Deep Understanding of The Music Business.

Gretna Education Program Spread Some Serious Groove!

Allyn's program at Gretna Middle School in April of 2013 was a smashing success, as noted in this great Times-Picayune Article titled, "Top Gretna Middle School Students Enjoy Jazz Concert."

Click here to see the Article!

Allyn presented a program entitled, "The Evolution of New Orleans Drumming." Beginning with the Original Brass Bands circa 1870, he provided the students a musical primer on the history of New Orleans drumming, demonstrating various styles essential to the history of New Orleans. Allyn also paid tribute to some of New Orleans' legendary drummers, including Warren "Baby" Dodds, Earl Palmer and Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste. Allyn followed up the concert with a clinic for the band members, providing hands-on instruction.

Allyn was joined by a fine cast of musicians, including Jason Mingledorff (Saxophone), Charlie Halloran (Trombone), Anthony Brown (Guitar) and Donald Ramsey (Bass). The program was sponsored by Allyn Robinson and Modified Cha Cha Productions in support of music education in Gretna and the Greater New Orleans Area.

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Allyn Robinson performs during his
day at Rollins College.